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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the News API pricing work?
Our pricing is based on the number of articles/stories you retrieve from the API on a monthly basis.
With the News API, you only pay for the articles that match your search query and are returned to you.
I want to be able to pull every news article available in the News API. Is that possible?
Sure, we have all you can eat plans that allow you to retrieve every piece of content available in the API in real-time.
Please contact our Sales team for more information on our Firehose plan.
Do you offer a free plan?
We offer a free 14-day trial of the News API. You can sign up for your trial here.
Do you offer historical content or just ongoing updates?
In the live API, you can access any stories published going forward, as well as content from the last 60 days, but we also have a historical archive of content available from as far back as 2012.
What sources are covered in the News API?
We currently source content in near real-time from over 40,000 licensed and public content feeds. We cover most well-known publications as well as tons of longtail, specialist sources in multiple languages from across the globe.
I want to make more than 60 hits per minute to the API. Is that possible?
We currently provide rate limit booster packages on every News API subscription plan.
Please contact sales for more information on our custom rate limits.
Can you cover a particular source I want to monitor?
We are constantly updating the news sources we monitor. If you have a site, blog or RSS feed that you'd like us to monitor, feel free to suggest it here.