Story Model


Name Type Description Notes
id int ID of the story which is a unique identification [optional]
title str Title of the story [optional]
body str Body of the story [optional]
summary Summary The suggested story summary [optional]
source Source The story source [optional]
author Author The story author [optional]
entities Entities Extracted entities from the story title or body [optional]
keywords list[str] Extracted keywords mentioned in the story title or body [optional]
hashtags list[str] An array of suggested Story hashtags [optional]
characters_count int Character count of the story body [optional]
words_count int Word count of the story body [optional]
sentences_count int Sentence count of the story body [optional]
paragraphs_count int Paragraph count of the story body [optional]
categories list[Category] Suggested categories for the story [optional]
social_shares_count ShareCounts Social shares count for the story [optional]
media list[Media] An array of extracted media such as images and videos [optional]
sentiment Sentiments Suggested sentiments for the story title or body [optional]
language str Language of the story [optional]
published_at datetime Published date of the story [optional]
links StoryLinks Links which is related to the story [optional]