Source Model


Name Type Description Notes
id Number The source id which is a unique value [optional]
name String The source name [optional]
title String The title of the home page URL [optional]
description String A general explanation about the source [optional]
linksInCount Number The number of websites that link to the source [optional]
homePageUrl String The home page URL of the source [optional]
domain String Domain name of the source which is extracted from the source URL [optional]
logoUrl String A URL which points to the source logo [optional]
locations [Location] The source locations which are tend to be the physical locations of the source, e.g. BBC headquarter is located in London. [optional]
scopes [Scope] The source scopes which is tend to be scope locations of the source, e.g. BBC scopes is international. [optional]
rankings Rankings The web rankings of the source [optional]