Media Model


Name Type Description Notes
type String The type of media [optional]
url String A URL which points to the media file [optional]
format String The format of media [optional]
contentLength Number The content length of media [optional]
width Number The width of media [optional]
height Number The height of media [optional]

Enum: TypeEnum

  • image (value: "image")

  • video (value: "video")

Enum: FormatEnum

  • BMP (value: "BMP")

  • GIF (value: "GIF")

  • JPEG (value: "JPEG")

  • PNG (value: "PNG")

  • TIFF (value: "TIFF")

  • PSD (value: "PSD")

  • ICO (value: "ICO")

  • CUR (value: "CUR")

  • WEBP (value: "WEBP")

  • SVG (value: "SVG")