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Search and source news and content from around the web in realtime. Stay ahead of the curve by using the power of Machine Learning and NLP to understand content at scale while extracting the data that matters to you.


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We crawl and index thousands of news sources every day and analyze their content using our NLP-powered Text Analysis Engine to give you an enriched and flexible news data source.

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Search by Keywords, Entities (People, Organizations, Brands) and Topics
Filter stories by sentiment towards People, Organizations, Brands, etc.
Keep track of topics and categories that matter to you
Track news outlets and authors to discover who's writing about what
Narrow down results to a specific region

Get Insights

Use our Text Analysis capabilities to extract what matters from the content you source.

What's Trending?
Discover what's trending within your area of interest
Related Stories
Retrieve stories similar or related to a story or piece of text
Sentiment Breakdown
Gauge people's opinion towards a topic or an event
Social Impact
Track social reach and influencers
See how frequently the media talks about a topic

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